Wednesday, April 16, 2008

i have hermitus.

it's an affliction that is difficult to shake. for the past three days, i've been reluctant to leave the house. the only place i went was to get my taxes done, and i only did that because i had to. well that and to get tea. i was desiccating. anyway, you'd think i could blog since i've been sitting at home, but the truth is that my hermitus condition is affecting that activity, too. i'm sure i will get back into the swing of things because i'm going to try to start hitting the gym twice a day. there's no real reason for this self torture other than the fact that the gym centers me, and i need some centering. i had a weird, busy weekend that i wasn't really anticipating. (well i was anticipating the busy part. just not the weird part.) i think a couple of hundred hours on an exercise bike will make things better.


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