Wednesday, May 28, 2008

crappy mood

-for some ridiculous reason, i didn't have any caffeine today. this, my friends, is a recipe for disaster.

-a co-worker brought me candy yesterday. i wasn't sure if it was a bribe or if it was poisoned. i haven't croaked yet so it might just be a bribe. i'm still not sure for what, though.

-i am just letting my weasel run loose when i am at home. he usually gets tired and curls up in his hammock. last night he decided that he'd rather sleep next to me. who needs a man when you have a weasel, i say. i woke up to him rummaging through the garbage at six A.M. i couldn't be mad after i saw his cute little face, though.

-i swear a bird was chirping a damn symphony outside my window the other day. it wasn't bothering me or anything. but it was super detailed and showy. i'm sure it was a male bird looking for a mate. of course, once he finds one, he'll go back to being mr. tweet tweet again.

-i had a whole shitload of things to blog about, but i think the lack of caffeine is making my smarts dissipate. need stimulants.


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