Sunday, May 25, 2008

sorry for being such a douche bag

and not posting in fifty years. we were short handed at work this past week so i actually had to *gasp* work. and this weekend is full of murder and mayhem, but i will try to post something tonight or tomorrow. until then, here's a short run down of my weekend thus far:

- i kicked someone in the shin at a Japanese restaurant. he deserved it. promise.

- i cleaned my house, did laundry, and did dishes. not bad for a holiday weekend.

- i invited a bunch of people to Tangerine Dream's place and then told him i heard he was having a party.

- i swear i saw a sign at a Burger King saying "gay help wanted." while pondering why they needed such specific help, i realized it said "day help wanted."

- i have had a killer headache for the past few days. my solution lies in copious amounts of booze. it's not working, but i'm going to keep trying.


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