Friday, October 03, 2008

conversations of the day (or, proof that i have the emotional equivalence of a grade schooler)

this is a text i sent early this morning:

me: i have two giant zits on my chin. i'm naming one [sister's husband] and the other [my ex.]

this next one kind of started last night when i added Sen. Obama to my friends list on MySpace. (that statement alone shows that i am super immature.) anyway so i mentioned this fact to my sister who decided to ask him to be her friend, also. then this morning:

Gold Digger: Obama is my friend now, too!

me: cool! i am sending him an "i *heart* Obama" glitter later today.


Blogger Michael said...

Obama is my friend on Myspace.

He's my #4.

I buy my Republican friends through the "own your friends" ap and then give them to him, as sacrificial lambs.

10/03/2008 03:56:00 PM  
Blogger christine said...

by George that is the best thing i've heard all week. you are my new MySpace hero. (not sure that the title is worth much, but hey it's better than the view from Alaska.)

10/03/2008 04:22:00 PM  

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