Thursday, November 20, 2008

two extremes

several things have made me laugh these last few days:

-i rise and shine early every morning without an alarm. okay, well maybe i don't "shine," but i do rise. the other day i got up super early and had plenty of time before i had to be at work at 8. so, after i ate breakfast, i decided to clean Simon's cage. while i was cleaning it, i heard a really loud *CRUNCH CRUNCH* coming from behind me. turns out i had dropped some cereal without realizing it. my weasel was just munching away. it was the cutest thing. i laughed and laughed all day about his eating people food. he's always had a sweet tooth, but i try to keep him on a strict regimen of weasel food only.

-a while ago, i changed my MySpace name to Martha Dumptruck (from the movie Heathers.) one of my work peeps got all bent out of shape about something and yelled, 'listen here, Ms. Drumstick!' i quickly retorted, 'it's MS. DUMPTRUCK!!! DUMPTRUCK!!!' i got an apathetic, 'whatever.' so for the rest of the day people were calling me Drumstick.

-the McRib is back. my waistline may not be laughing, but i am.

-i get to eat two turkey school lunches with my other niece and nephew tomorrow. that's right, two! i love me some tryptophan.

however, several things have not made me laugh lately:

-my niece took a plunge off of the top bunk and plummeted down to the floor. the only thing that broke her fall was the corner of a dresser which she smacked with her face. now she has three stitches, a swollen face, and two teeth that appear to be missing but are, in fact, only shoved back up into her gums. attractive! but she took it like a pro.

-roofers have been stomping around for the past week and making my life miserable. don't get me started on the leak that was finally repaired but that left a huge mess on my furniture and my belongings. i'm most upset about things with sentimental value such as my stuffed turtle that is now speckled with spackle. ironically, his name is Speckle. he is not amused. neither am i.

-it's unbelievably cold here in Lubbsuck today. for a second i thought my face froze off this morning, but it didn't.


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