Monday, November 17, 2008

you can't squeeze blood from a turnip.

but apparently you can steal 50 gallons of it from me! last Thursday i had a doctor's appointment. before i knew it, ol Doc SoDoMe was herding me to the lab to get blood drawn. before doing so, he asked me if i'd eaten breakfast. my mind raced as to what answer would get me out of the lab work. "yes, i ate cereal!!!' i yelled. wrong answer. so down i went to the lab. when i was younger, i didn't mind giving blood. but every year that passes. it makes me queasier and queasier. so i was stuck waiting at the lab for about an hour which is just enough time to let my nerves hit a fever pitch in anticipation. i finally got called so there i go. what i don't understand is why it's so hard for technicians to hit a vein. i'm super pale. practically translucent. my veins glow bright green underneath my sickly pallor. you can see them from a mile away. but they never hit them. this time was no different. the tech was fishing around my left arm looking for it while i winced and tried not to look. finally she gave up and asked for my other arm. she stabbed it with the needle and finally found a vein. i was still avoiding looking. so far i was good. vial after vial after vial, and i was still good. finally she was done. that's when i made the mistake of looking at the vials. everything went black, i started to sweat profusely, and i thought i was going to hurl that God forsaken cereal that got me in that mess. i'm pretty sure i freaked the technician out. she ran to get me a towel and some water. anyway, next time someone draws blood, i will probably go into seizure. hope they're ready.


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