Wednesday, May 12, 2010

when did i grow up?

i bought a house. well technically it's not mine yet, but it will be on Friday. it's essentially a giant dog house as i'm sure the goat-dog will run rampant while i cower in the corner hiding from his wet dog kisses.

it's a three bedroom/one bath cutesy wootsy little house that is completely remodeled. it's all brand new which is good because i'm not a lumberjack. the yard resembles the Amazon before it got bulldozed to death, but i've alerted my lawn service (a.k.a. Dad) of the situation so hopefully he'll jump right on that as soon as i get the keys.

my mortgage is less than my rent. yes, folks, i finagled an awesome deal. and that includes home owner's insurance and property tax. i'm awesome. you can't deny it now.

i'll post pics. and maybe i'll even post a vid of me doing the Snoopy dance. don't worry. i'll put a warning on that one if I do.


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Anonymous Fun Pen said...

Hey, Where's the video? lol
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8/20/2012 01:07:00 AM  
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