Wednesday, January 17, 2007

things that have pissed me off today

-i have negative 10 minutes to get from school to work on a daily basis which, i shouldn't have to tell you, is a difficult task to accomplish. today, i needed to stop at Wal-green's for some essentials. (e.g. toilet paper, tampons, etc.) i run in like a madwoman, grab stuff off the shelves like i'm on a shopping spree, sprint to the checkout lane, and get behind the oldest woman on Earth. she's buying about 9 packs of smokes and cannot seem to articulate what she wants to the lady behind the counter. of course, being the oldest woman on Earth, she can't hear so the employee and the customer are shouting back and forth for about an hour. finally, i get to the front of the line to pay. i feel like the stars are not lined up in my favor.

-i'm rushing to work after the Wal-green's thing, and i get a red light. the lanes are a little ambiguous so i kind of swerve around a little, but i'm not crowding anyone. i look over and some douchebag in a van has a staring problem. i'm pretty crabby by now so i clearly mouth the 'what the fuck are you looking at?' staple. while i'm saying these words, i'm reaching into my Wal-green's bag and pulling out my jumbo box of tampons so i can transfer a couple to my purse. these two actions must have scared the man because he quickly looked away, but when i glanced back up, he was back at his staring games. i really hate other people.

-my work computer is possessed by Satan.

-i have to go home and do a shitload of homework. do these instructors not realize that American Idol has started, and i must watch it? unfortunately, this semester is so arduous that i am giving up all my TV shows except for Days of our Lives and Heroes. my poor TV is probably going to feel abandoned and jump off the balcony.



Blogger Michael said...

try being a photo tech at said Walgreens.

nothing better than some old man who drops off his film, you tell him the approximate price, but when he gets back he didn't understand you, you lied to him, and "you shouldn't represent walgreens" and that he can get 15 rolls of film developed at wal-mart for a nickel.

1/18/2007 01:45:00 AM  
Blogger christine said...

that's why i don't talk to customer's anymore. i'd much rather yell at coworkers.

1/18/2007 05:45:00 PM  

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