Wednesday, January 17, 2007

more reasons i hate Tech

-yesterday when it was below freezing outside, the English building was also freezing. i'm paying fifty billion dollars in tuition, and no one can turn on a heater? my third class is up on the third floor and away from most entrances so it was a little worm, and the feeling started to return to my face. then the air conditioner kicked on. wtf?!?!

-for some ungodly reason, Tech administrators picked the coldest days of the past few years to shut off most of the parking lots and leave approximately five spaces for 30,000 students to fight over. i had arrived early to catch up on some reading but ended up spending 35 minutes driving around stalking students in hopes of stealing their spots as they left. no luck. then i remembered that i have 4 wheel drive and can park anywhere the hell i want to. so i monster trucked it over some little compacts and some rocks and such and parked on the grass. then i had to suffer through arctic winds to catch a damn bus.

this is going to be one long semester. i can tell.



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