Thursday, October 25, 2007

my neighbor is insane.

first of all, i may come out looking like the insane one by the end of this post, but i assure you that i am not. really. i mean it.

so the illegal, OCDs moved out and i got a new crackhead for a neighbor. i don't think he works because he's always home. i know this because every time i swing by my apartment, i can hear him. and, no, i'm not standing at our shared wall with my ear pressed against it. he's loud. very loud. but not normal living loud. he's always stumbling around in his apartment and either falling repeatedly or having flailing seizures. he makes so much commotion that the whole building literally shudders each time. and he's always slamming his door, but he never goes anywhere. i'm not sure why he keeps slamming it. the other day as i was leaving my apartment, i noticed that there are heavy black marks on his door where someone (i'm thinking him) was trying to kick it in. on yet another occasion, i saw him leaving as i was leaving so i hoped to get a good look at him because the guy who installed his cable said he looked like an insane asylum escapee. before he left though, he stopped at his door, starting muttering to himself, and went back in leaving his door wide open.

today, i noticed a note on his door. i was curious if the other neighbors were leaving him hate mail so i tippy toed over there to peek at the note which was neatly folded in half and attached to the clip. i was positive that i would be caught in the act, but i had to know if i needed to add my own colorful insights about his creepy behavior. just as i was within millimeters of the piece of paper, another neighbor's door swung open. i yelped and ran down the stairs without looking back. i hope i don't go home to hate mail on my door...


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