Thursday, August 20, 2009

buncha nothing

-twice this week, i have accidentally kicked over my computer tower whilst using it like a foot stool. both times it died. now it's making a loud whirring sound mixed with a high pitched whine. any techie people out there know what's wrong with it? well i mean besides the fact that i keep beating the crap out of it.

-speaking of techie shit, my Pre-tty keyboard quit working last night. i started hyperventilating and seeing stars because i really don't know how to communicate anymore without text messaging. i've devolved to a higher functioning amoeba. anyway, i ended up doing a hard re-set on it, and it's working again. whew!

-sometimes when i have a lot on my mind, i like to drive around and listen to music. last night was one of those times. i drove down tons of busy streets for 45 minutes, and i didn't get a single red light that ENTIRE time. you'd think that's a good thing, but as i mentioned earlier, i need to text...a lot. so i need stops. what are the odds that during 45 min of driving, you get no fucking stops at all? that's just a microcosm for my life.


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