Wednesday, August 12, 2009

random crap

-i had a doc appt today with my neuro specialist. i get worked up when i go in there because at any second he could order me down to the lab to have blood drawn. if you're a regular reader, you know that me and and giving blood means a really pathetic scenario full of panic attacks and flailing body parts.

-i'm reading The Catcher in the Rye again. when i read it the first time, i didn't really relate to the main character. my life was all on track, and i was pretty happy. but here lately i've felt lost and not sure about where my path lies. my sis was talking about reading it so i dug up my copy. i'm relating much more this time so i'm enjoying it much more, too.

-Honda got new tires finally! and he got a detail. he's so happy. he tells me everyday. plus, he just passed 30, 000 miles. he's been hinting that he wants to take a road trip.

-i've been battling a really bad case of nausea for about a month. i've lost like fifteen pounds. i'm pretty sure the root of the stomach problems is this stupid town. it's ugly, it stinks, and it's still freakin' dry. i'm going to end up keeling over from old age before i can walk down the street to pick up a beer.


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