Friday, September 04, 2009

proof i need to go home

i'm at work with a searing headache. it feels like someone is stabbing me repeatedly in the left temple with what could only be an ice pick dipped in alcohol. but besides that little conundrum, i was having an IM convo with a work peep. here's what he said:

"brb. need go go juice. actually that's gas, and i don't need that but coffee."

but I read that as:

"brb. need to get juice. actually that gives me gas so just coffee."

i had to read it three times before i realized he wasn't giving me the TMI treatment.

also, someone sent me this pic. (who else but Tangerine Dream...) what the hell pooped this giant turd? and why does he feel compelled to share this disgusting crap (pun intended) with me?


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