Thursday, September 10, 2009

ramblings of a crazy woman

-i was eating my Lean Cuisine rice pilaf when something rather pungent yet recognizable landed on my palette. it took a while for me to recognize it. it tasted like a Marigold! why are they putting weeds into my food?!

-yest a friend of mine walked into my Dilbert cube. i didn't notice him, and i was just picking my nose like there's no tomorrow. it wasn't like i was up to my wrist or anything. i get scabby around my nostrils when my allergies are bad which is the last few days. and being the weird, compulsive person that i am, i pick at them. of course, this process results in just bleeding and more scabs. aren't you glad you read my blog?

-my birthday is tomorrow! and some of us are going out Sat night to celebrate. shoot me a message or a text if you want to know when and where.

-i forgot to eat the other day and went and did spin. i almost keeled over to my grisly death. i guess my blood sugar dropped suddenly. i was seeing stars (and not the hot Matt Damon celebrity type stars...) anyway, i made sure to eat my Marigold laced pilaf today so that won't happen again.


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