Friday, September 29, 2006

i quit.

i have too many assignments looming, too many exams around the corner, and too many dolts in my classes to continue any longer. and to make matters worse, three of my instructors are requiring my attendance at several evening functions. wtf?!?! some of us are not leeches on the disgusting belly of society which means we have jobs. we have lives. we have better fucking things to do. (and some of us have a weird blogging obsession, too.) anyway, i'm a little bitter right now because i forgot to charge my iPod so i'm stuck listening to work banter. luckily i had the new Deftones CD in my car so my work speakers are working overtime in order to offend my office neighbors. speaking of neighbors, i got a new one. (not downstairs where Crotchtastic used to be but next door because apparently i ran off all my neighbors at once.) i can hear the water running and stuff rustling inside, but i haven't seen them. i'm hoping it's just a ghost because i think i like apparitions better than real people. anyhow, a peep from Dallas is in town this weekend so Tangerine Dream wants to go drinking, but i have a really difficult exam next week for which i need to prepare. i haven't really read the textbook at all, and it's over stuff like neuropharmacology and neurotransmission. crikey! i haven't taken a biology course in about a century so this stuff isn't fresh on my mind. i also haven't been taking notes because i'm a slacker. this post started with an agenda, and now it's digressed into a muddled mess. i'm going to close it before it takes on a life of it's own.

p.s. this Deftones cover of Simple Man is pretty good. i think i'll put it on repeat until someone asks me to clock out and leave.


Anonymous Larry said...

You have fun with that then.

9/30/2006 10:57:00 AM  

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