Sunday, October 01, 2006


i'm getting letters from Texas Tech about my coming graduation date. it doesn't seem real. hopefully, by May 12th, i will be free from the oppression of school. it's weird because i don't involve myself in any school activities, and the only football game i've attended was when i wallowed in luxury in my company's private box. school is more an intrusion in my life than an actual part of it so i don't feel the same as i did when i graduated from high school. i am, however, worried that i will regress into a troublemaker when i suddenly have a lot of free time so i need to start planning ahead. i need activities that will suck the life out of me and steal my freedom. so far, i've got the gym and my soap opera family. there's always food. maybe i should really consider my Master's, but the thought of more school makes my neck twitch. any suggestions?


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