Friday, June 20, 2008

freaky Friday

today was a fabulous day. first of all, i took the day off of work. that in itself made the day fabulous. but then i accompanied Gold Digger to her son's CT scan. of course, i wasn't planning that part to be great, but contraire mon frere. it was so quick and easy, and Cornelius was so good that it was almost like a mini vacation. here's a keepsake of that event. (doesn't he look super tiny in that giant machine?)

i invited myself to the back area where the tech sits so that i could see Cornelius's brain. as suspected, the monitor flashed "GENIUS" when it took the scan.

then the day got better when i went to get my tongue pierced. i was nervous, but i think i did well. i was a little shaky afterwards from the anticipation but not too bad. perhaps what would qualify as a mild seizure. here is a pic of me immediately afterward.

Gold Digger, who used to have her tongue done until the psychotic nurse made her remove it, didn't need it re-pierced. she just needed the bottom part of it opened up. she was so nervous she told the tech she might barf on her until i reminded her, 'you've had six kids, for petey's sake!' then she was like, 'oh, yeah.' i don't even think she felt it when they rammed the rod into her hole.

but the day was not over by a long shot. we weren't going to be happy until at least one of us got some ink. so we went to a different tattoo shop where Gold Digger got this little number. (the initials in the center are D.E. for the love of her life...)

so the day was a great one. now if the rest of the weekend can go as smoothly, i just might not hate life come next Monday.


Blogger Michael said...

Piercings and ink.

You two know how to party.

I need another tat... one day.

6/21/2008 02:39:00 PM  
Blogger christine said...

and all on the government's dime no less. we'll prob be going back here soon for more since we're not anywhere near done.

6/23/2008 11:29:00 AM  

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