Tuesday, July 08, 2008


i've been bummed this past week for various reasons. when i thought it couldn't get worse, something else would kick me in the peanuts just to let me know that it could. that's really why i haven't been posting. i've been holed away in my house watching TV, playing Spider Solitaire, and avoiding most societal interactions.

anyway, i had just about decided to plow ahead with school and get another useless degree. my first instinct was to go up North in a half-assed attempt to run away. but after some thought, i realized that i can't stomach cold weather. i'd crystallize on the first day of winter and be swept up with the rest of the snow. so i decided on Austin. it's near. it's queer. it's got beer.

then something happened this past weekend that is making me reconsider. now what the hell am i supposed to do? i was about 90% sure that i wanted to move and learn. i was even considering pawning some jewelery that no longer has any personal value to me in order to get by without working. i learned my lesson when i was working and going to school non-stop for the past few years. i'm done with over exerting myself. but now what? Dallas? San Antonio? i could stay here and save myself the trouble, but honestly i don't want to be here anymore. something else happened this weekend that told me i just need to move on. (remember me telling you that stuff just kept coming out of nowhere and kicking me in the peanuts?)

i was going to make a poll so you deviants could help me decide my fate, but i feel just a tad lethargic. perhaps i will work on that tomorrow instead of actually working. i'm close to quitting anyway. i can probably skate by for a few weeks until they notice i'm not actually doing anything productive for the company.


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