Monday, July 14, 2008

movies, TV, and other non-productive activities

so i went and saw Hellboy II. it was pretty darn good, if i say so myself. there were some creepy characters, but they were visually stunning. as for the movie watching experience, it wasn't too bad. some douche next to me kept texting people throughout the movie, but at least he had it on silent. that's what i get for going with Tangerine Dream...

i like that show Verminators. one reason i enjoy it is because of the over the top dramatics. they have music and visuals as if these guys are astronauts on a mission to save the Earth. it really cracks me up. also, it stuns me how bad some of the infestations are. the kinds of problems are funny, too. (well not funny for those afflicted, i'm sure, but funny for us viewers at home.) it never occurred to me that people have pigeon or skunk issues.

those Geico commercials with the real customers and the hired spokespeople aren't that great. but then i saw the Mrs. Butterworth one, and i laughed and laughed. that's actually Mrs. Butterworth! i had to rewind it to see it again. i really need a life.

next week is The Dark Knight opening. i will be there front and center. actually, i will be there midway back and center. i *heart* Christian Bale, and Heath Ledger looks amazing as The Joker. maybe i will paint my face to match him because i keep forgetting to order more make-up. i only have a really light one that i use when i'm all pasty faced in the winter. i'm already almost psychotic so acting the part shouldn't be a stretch.

i'm starting to see ads for Shark Week. since i'm single now, i don't have to watch those ridiculous shark shows anymore. it's kinda sad really.

i barely recognized Benjamin Bratt in that new TV series he's starring in. he looks all gritty and rough. apparently he's a guy who kidnaps addicts to clean 'em up. i'd develop a nasty habit if it meant ol' Benjamin would come kidnap me. he is possibly one of the hottest men on the planet. i'll be tuning into that show fo sho.


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