Monday, October 31, 2005

happy Halloween!!!

well my title says it all. i'm a little bummed because i didn't get dressed up this year. last year i was Yoko Ono. (my husband the requisite John Lennon...) the past few months have sucked so bad that i didn't have the energy, time, or inclination to create a costume. i do have a little Halloween spirit, however. i decided to let you into the dark recesses of my mind... what could possibly be lurking there? well, moron, shine a light on it. (roll your cursor over to the right of this page.) watch out! it's very creepy...

basic hygiene

so here's the deal. i'm sitting on a bus at Tech expecting a peaceful ride from the parking lot to campus. i get there pretty darn early so usually the bus is fairly empty, but there are an unsual amount of early birds today. suddenly someone comes and sits next to me who has obviously not bothered to brush their teeth (or probably bathe for that matter.) not only is this person's breath a foul entity akin to the Seinfeld B.O. issue, but said person insists on heavily breathing through their mouth. wtf?!?!?! this isn't France, people!!! it's the U.S.- hygiene matters!!!

3:30 AM

okay i have successfully crossed over the line and into the 'what the hell am i thinking?' realm. it's 3:30 in the morning, i have to be in class at nine, and i still have to read 5 chapters in some book for my Victorian Lit class. i've been visiting other people's blogs, updating my own blog, and watching Law and Order reruns. there should be a twelve step program for people like me!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

why oh why would i start a blog...

you may find youself asking the same question. 'what exactly does christine have to say?' you wonder. let me tell you. mostly i think i just want to share the daily experiences of my life. these experiences consist mainly of running into totally idiotic people much like yourself, learning absolutely useless information, and participating in drunken rampages that ultimately end in naked orgies. well probably not that last one, but the others are one hundred percent accurate. in other words, i need to vent. i'm tired of just flipping the bird at fellow Texas Tech students who have the capability of getting online and stealing a thesis paper but can't follow simple traffic sign directions. i'm sick of useless retail employees who need a calculator to key in my dollar off coupon. don't get me started on the co-workers who spend time reporting trivial and pointless 'issues' instead of taking that time to do something really important like rack up tokies on if your life sounds anything like mine, feel free to come, read, post, and participate in the mayhem. if you're one of the sacks of skin with an IQ of a sweet potato, please go away.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


get a life and quit surfing the web all day, you worthless excuse for a human being. welcome to my new blog everyone! i'm glad everyone decided to check it out. i know i don't have a lot of time to continually update everyone on the sad existence that is my life, but i'm going to try my darndest. i'll be working on it continually for the next few days to try to bring it up to par with everyone's expectations, but i'm open to comments and suggestions. for now, i only plan on sharing it with a select few until i can get it up and running pretty well, and then i will let the less fortunates in on all the fun, too.
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