Tuesday, July 29, 2008

haven't forgotten

about my blog, and i'm technically still alive. i've just been preoccupied. also, i'm training peeps at work so i have not been sitting at my computer. here's a quick rundown of stuff.

- Tangerine Dream's puppy finally opened his eyes. he quickly yelped when he saw his owner's ugly mug and tried to seal them shut again.

- i have cool pics to post, but i need to get them uploaded first. i promise i will try to work on that this weekend. however, this weekend is also T.D.'s b-day celebration which is a known day of debauchery and mayhem so it may or may not happen.

- i'm still not sleeping. i'm also turning into a reptile. i put in a request today at work for a heat rock. no amount of lotion can save this dry skin!

- several people have told me lately that i'm beautiful. i look like a zombie. when did that become attractive?

- i'm going to stop paying bills like that douche bag on Office Space. i can't remember the last time i actually paid something. i have the money, too. i just don't feel like it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

don't even know why i bother getting out of bed

the past year or so has just sucked big time. what happened to my dull, boring life? what happened to the days when the most exciting thing to blog about was me falling asleep on a bus and waking up clear across town?

yesterday was a typical day and the most unusual thing that occurred was when i asked my nephew to bring me a drink during my lunch break, and he brought me a Bud Light. he didn't know why i laughed and said i couldn't drink that while i was working. (he's only four. he just grabbed a drink he knows i like.) but later that day, at work, i get news of my friends, who were coming back from vacation, losing a relative in a horrific car accident on the highway. i won't go into details because, quite honestly, i get physically ill just thinking about it. i cried and cried for my friends' loss. because i'm so close to my siblings, i guess it really struck a chord with me. losing a sister like they did would just kill me. i don't think i'd survive it. and there's nothing i can do but keep them in my prayers.

there's a lot that's happened here lately in my life that i haven't blogged about. it's dreary. it's depressing. but it has resulted in my insomnia becoming uncontrollable. in fact, it's gotten so bad that i am walking around in stupors and not remembering doing things until people ask me about them the next morning. just when i think things might be under control, something else brings me to my knees again.

i do plan on posting again later today with some pictures. my sister's house is a zoo again...

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

as i told you, i saw The Dark Knight on opening day. (i'm no liar, i tell you! when i say something, i mean it.) so did it meet my expectations? no it did not. it far exceeded them. folks, this movie is the best one of the year so far, in my opinion. i could be biased because the dark, moody, violent, and insane qualities displayed by the settings and characters greatly mirrored my own feelings as of late, but i was truly engaged from beginning to end. it was action packed. and it wasn't that CGI, cartoony type action. these exploding buildings, cars, etc. were the real deal. also, who couldn't like two and a half hours of Christian Bale? that dude is freakin' hot. his new Batsuit is super skin tight, and it leaves little to the imagination, ladies. as for Heath Ledger's Joker, i was worried all the hype would be because the poor douche bag bit it, but the Oscar buzz is warranted. he is amazing. there is no sense of Ledger on the screen. he is completely transformed into a maniacal, twisted villain. i found his lack of logic logical and very appealing. perhaps it suits my new 'i don't give a damn' attitude. either way, i highly recommend this film.

Friday, July 18, 2008

another reason why i hate people

so yesterday, my sister's house got robbed in broad daylight. she's a single mother barely making ends meet, and some total jack ass took advantage. i'm pretty convinced it was one of her neighbors. using my Law and Order and Criminal Minds skills, i profiled our perp. he is a dude. (aren't most jackasses?) he's prob wearing Adidas. he's thin. and he was alone. also, he stole prescription meds so he's prob some non-working asshole who is too damn lazy to get a job so he steals from women and small children. i am a strong believer in Karma. i do what's right to the best of my ability. and i do think this fucker will get his in spades.

so it really takes a lot to make me angry. i'm always crusty and irritable. i'm generally a bitch. but i rarely get angry which people often find surprising. but this incident really infuriated me. my sister busts her ass to feed, clothe, and care for her children. i'm surprised she has time to sleep. she is the sole provider. and a miscreant loser just made her life that much harder.

i hate people! i worked my ass off to put myself through school. i go to work every day. i help my family when i can. i do what's right and don't take what's not mine or what i didn't work for. i watched my Dad do the same growing up, and he's still doing it at sixty years old. so why the fuck can't pieces of shit like this robber go get fucking jobs and leave women alone? i know he's physically able because he fucking climbed into a window, ransacked a house, and carried shit out.

so i am ranting and venting. will anything come of my post? probably not, but if anyone in the Lubbock area knows anything about this crime, maybe they will speak up. i hope the douche gets caught and someone steals his family jewels. then me might know what a violation feels like.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

puppy love

Tangerine Dream showed up at my house yesterday. i was half asleep and therefore non-responsive. next thing i know i hear him yelling as loud as he can, 'open the door and let me in! the cops are after me, and i need a place to hide.' nice. so i open the door, and he's standing there holding a tiny little box. he tells me to look in it, and i'm a little hesitant because my brother is an a-hole. for all i know, it's a head or something. so i peer in, and it's a tiny puppy! he's so new that his eyes aren't even open yet. his mommy tried to kill him so he's being bottle fed every two hours. yes, that's right. Tangerine Dream has a baby. get this. that tiny thing is a Great Dane. he will be the size of a small horse some day. he's nameless, but i like MacIntosh. any suggestions? oh, that's Gold Digger talking and videotaping.

Monday, July 14, 2008

movies, TV, and other non-productive activities

so i went and saw Hellboy II. it was pretty darn good, if i say so myself. there were some creepy characters, but they were visually stunning. as for the movie watching experience, it wasn't too bad. some douche next to me kept texting people throughout the movie, but at least he had it on silent. that's what i get for going with Tangerine Dream...

i like that show Verminators. one reason i enjoy it is because of the over the top dramatics. they have music and visuals as if these guys are astronauts on a mission to save the Earth. it really cracks me up. also, it stuns me how bad some of the infestations are. the kinds of problems are funny, too. (well not funny for those afflicted, i'm sure, but funny for us viewers at home.) it never occurred to me that people have pigeon or skunk issues.

those Geico commercials with the real customers and the hired spokespeople aren't that great. but then i saw the Mrs. Butterworth one, and i laughed and laughed. that's actually Mrs. Butterworth! i had to rewind it to see it again. i really need a life.

next week is The Dark Knight opening. i will be there front and center. actually, i will be there midway back and center. i *heart* Christian Bale, and Heath Ledger looks amazing as The Joker. maybe i will paint my face to match him because i keep forgetting to order more make-up. i only have a really light one that i use when i'm all pasty faced in the winter. i'm already almost psychotic so acting the part shouldn't be a stretch.

i'm starting to see ads for Shark Week. since i'm single now, i don't have to watch those ridiculous shark shows anymore. it's kinda sad really.

i barely recognized Benjamin Bratt in that new TV series he's starring in. he looks all gritty and rough. apparently he's a guy who kidnaps addicts to clean 'em up. i'd develop a nasty habit if it meant ol' Benjamin would come kidnap me. he is possibly one of the hottest men on the planet. i'll be tuning into that show fo sho.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


i've been bummed this past week for various reasons. when i thought it couldn't get worse, something else would kick me in the peanuts just to let me know that it could. that's really why i haven't been posting. i've been holed away in my house watching TV, playing Spider Solitaire, and avoiding most societal interactions.

anyway, i had just about decided to plow ahead with school and get another useless degree. my first instinct was to go up North in a half-assed attempt to run away. but after some thought, i realized that i can't stomach cold weather. i'd crystallize on the first day of winter and be swept up with the rest of the snow. so i decided on Austin. it's near. it's queer. it's got beer.

then something happened this past weekend that is making me reconsider. now what the hell am i supposed to do? i was about 90% sure that i wanted to move and learn. i was even considering pawning some jewelery that no longer has any personal value to me in order to get by without working. i learned my lesson when i was working and going to school non-stop for the past few years. i'm done with over exerting myself. but now what? Dallas? San Antonio? i could stay here and save myself the trouble, but honestly i don't want to be here anymore. something else happened this weekend that told me i just need to move on. (remember me telling you that stuff just kept coming out of nowhere and kicking me in the peanuts?)

i was going to make a poll so you deviants could help me decide my fate, but i feel just a tad lethargic. perhaps i will work on that tomorrow instead of actually working. i'm close to quitting anyway. i can probably skate by for a few weeks until they notice i'm not actually doing anything productive for the company.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

happy 4th and all that crap...

it's been over a week since i've posted. (like you can't see that for yourself.) this past week has been difficult for me emotionally and physically. i was going to get on here and post about what a great country this is where people are free to ruin other people's lives and then still hope to be friends. or how friends bail on you when you need them the most. but upon some small reflection, i've decided against such a downer. instead i'm going to ramble incessantly about non-important things.

- i found a chicken sammich outside my door today. it was a feeble attempt on someone's part to cheer me up after a horrible, horrible weekend.

- is anyone else super excited about the new Hellboy coming out? i love Guillermo del Toro's work, and i am way hyped about it. now i just need a hot date to buy me nachos and Sour Patch Kids, and i'll be all set.

- my tongue is nicely healed. i didn't even care for it like i was supposed to really. i mean i am an avid brusher since i have a weird thing about teeth, but otherwise i hardly did anything they told me to do or not do. i love it!!! i'm ready to go back and get another piercing or a tatt.

- my sister bought me single serving Hamburger Helpers to go with my single serving life. i really like 'em because i am similar to a goldfish in that i will eat and eat until i kill myself. with single servings, i merely eat one. isn't that a novel idea?
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