Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I'm a big ol' liar!

i know i said that i was going to post more often in the new year and blah blah blah, but i was probably wasted when i wrote that. okay prob not wasted but definitely insane. so before i do anything, let me give a list of lame excuses as to why i haven't been posting anything.

1. i'm a lazy asshole. you guys already know that. no big surprises.

2. i started hitting the gym like six days a week. why? no real reason other than self loathing.

3. i think my thyroid is broken again. i'm exhausted all the time. on Sundays, i usually have time for a nap, and when i wake up, i need another nap in about 15 minutes. something is definitely wrong with me. but i'm avoiding the doc because he'll need to draw blood, and i'm a big pansy about it.

4. work has been hectic, and that's where i like to do a lot of my blogging. i've decided to stop stressing so much and start delegating. now most of my job entails making sure everyone does what i've delegated. well that and bugging my boss all day long.

5. i'll dedicate a whole post to this later, but i'm a new doggie mommy! details soon if you aren't my FB or Twitter peep.

So to sum it up, i'm a lazy, thyroid challenged, workaholic, doggie mommy who freakishly exercises all day. i'm surprised i had what it took to hammer out this pathetic post.
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