Tuesday, March 31, 2009


-someone finally decided to make a Where the Wild Things Are movie. yay! here's the trailer:

-i actually did what i said i would do yesterday. i went home and went to bed. it felt great!

-for some reason, my mention of bifocals yesterday sent the senior citizen crowd to my blog in droves. i need to stop acting like i'm eighty.

-the wind here in West Texas has been especially crappy lately. well really the weather has in general. it is 80 one day and snowing the next. it's really cutting into my running time, and it's making me crabby.

-i'm ordering a new phone tomorrow. mine is cracked so it's dead to me. i think it broke during a drunken stupor. details are fuzzy. anyway, any suggestions for a new phone?

Monday, March 30, 2009

random crap

-i got NIN/JA tix. i failed miserably at the presale because i couldn't read the captcha...repeatedly. i think i need bifocals. that should prob exempt me from the pit, but i'm pretty sure they don't do a walkers, canes, reading glasses pat down at the gate. anyway, i got some during the regular sale. (tickets not bifocals...)

-since i'm taking time off to see the show and drink heavily on the road, i can't afford new tires. mine are bald. good think i believe in prayer.

-someone told me that i was the Daphne to their Niles. i thought that was incredibly sweet, and it melted my cold, black heart for all of two seconds.

-Script Frenzy starts in two days. i have no idea what my plot will be. again, i'm resorting to prayer. that or lots of booze.

-my plan today is to leave work and go home. and then promptly go to bed. i have a sneaking suspicion that someone is going to thwart my plan. that person will pay dearly. unless they bring a Sonics tea. then maybe not.

-i need more birds in my life. i'm considering a humming bird feeder, but i really don't know if Lubbsuck has humming birds. i'm too lazy to look it up. but i sure would like to have a couple of little bird friends hanging out on my porch.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

conversation of the day

coworkers often check in with me before going to lunch. so this one guy asks me to clock him out.

me: make sure and eat something nutritious.

cw: uh, i guess i will eat a banana and meat.

he said it with all seriousness. i'm not sure what that meant, and i was afraid to ask. did he mean a banana and meat together? like a weird combo meal? and what did he mean my meat? mystery meat? when i think of nutritious, i sure don't think 'banana and meat.' am i the only one who doesn't get this?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

random crap

-i thought the March for Babies was 3 miles this year and planned to run it. i just noticed it's really 4. that's a measly mile difference, but when you're panting your lungs out onto the street, it does matter.

-a friend had given me a gift certificate for a massage and a tangerine body scrub. i think i'm going to go cash in that mo fo this weekend. i've been all stressed out, and i think a hot, non-English speaking masseuse is just what i need.

-i like Twitter so far. i like that i can update it via cell phone so i can tweet from the bar, when i'm passed out in a ditch after the bar, or from the the road on a trip, etc. and all my peeps can keep up with my super exciting life. so can all the stalkers who follow me. plus i just like to say tweet.

-well i wasn't going to do it, but i caved. i'm going to go see NIN with Jane's Addiction. i've never seen JA live so that will be a treat. hopefully, it will be another pit experience. i'll let everyone know if was able to score tix.

-my boss keeps cooking us breakfast. i think he's doing it because he doesn't want to work. i can't say that i blame him. his shirking is my good luck as i love me some eggs and snausage.

Monday, March 23, 2009

babies on the brain.

it's that time again. that's right, it's time for The March for Babies. it's the ONLY charity i raise money for, and i would like all you guys to reach deep down into your cold, heartless souls dirty, linty pockets and scrounge up a buck or two. use this convenient widget to donate or, if you know me personally, hand me some bills. all the tiny babies and i thank you.

Friday, March 20, 2009

conversation of the day

a coworker came into my Dilbert cube, sat down, turned on my TV, and started eating an apple.

me: you seem to have mistaken my work area for a lounge area.

coworker: why are you so mean?

me: because i'm mean christine.

cw: but why? why can't you be happy?

me: i'm always happy. i'm just mean and happy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lady Satan

someone just called me Lady Satan. not in a mean way. just instead of my real name. it brought back memories. someone from my past used to call me Lady Satan a long time ago in a different life. i wonder what about me causes people to want to call me such a name...

serious post

well as serious as it can be coming from someone who just spend the last few minutes singing Blondie's "Call Me" at the top of her lungs to her coworkers and whose work IM blurb says that "i am Batman."

those of you close to me know that this past year has been tough for a lot of reason. physical. emotional. spiritual. you get the idea. i've counted on lots of resources ranging from friends and family to doctors to prayer, etc. you get the idea because if you're reading this blog, you're surely not a buffoon.

but i'm cleaning house. i'm moving on from detrimental relationships and habits. i'm getting rid of lots of mementos and things from my past. it's very liberating. it's very comforting. in all honesty, i didn't come to such conclusions lightly. i left the ball in others' courts, so to speak, and let their actions show me if they had my best interests in mind or not. some did. others didn't. of course, i don't expect everyone to have my interests in mind ALL the time, but with my recent troubles, i did need that for now. and i did make that clear. i can only control my own actions and not those of others. i'm assuming they have made choices based on what is most important to them, and i respect that. i've also decided to remove myself from relationships that were full of drama. personally, i left high school behind when i grabbed that diploma. so i just need to do what's best for me at this point.

so maybe in ten years, if i'm still alive and kicking (people in the shins), i will call up some old peeps and see if we can be friends. but until then, i have eliminated several people from my life.

on the other side of that coin, there is someone from my past that i've been thinking of contacting. it's prob not the wisest idea, but i'm thinking about it anyway.

that's enough rambling about such serious nonsense. let's lighten up this mo fo by me admitting that i've been calling a coworker by the wrong name for about six months. that can't be good...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

let that shiner shine

i've seen some 'news' articles about people wanting Cover Girl to drop Rihanna after her douche kicked her ass. i say, 'hell no!' now is the time for the product to really shine. it can showcase how it covers those nasty welts and bruises, those bite marks and scratches, those swollen lips and left over scars. if she can continue to look beautiful even after the cycle of abuse, why that's the mark of a stand up product.

luck o' the Irish

i just gorged on green pancakes, green eggs and sausage, and Lucky Charms at work. they know i can't work after such gluttony. oh well. i will be under my desk sleeping for the next two hours.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

must have

you know those little ideas that you hear about and think, 'man, that's so simple and yet so amazing?' here's one of those ideas. as an avid tooth brusher, i love it. what a great idea!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

another christine moment

so the bro and i are in Dallas visiting peeps. we always do tons of shopping while we're there because lame-o Lubbsuck only has crap stores. we decide to go to Sam Moon, but we have Rockstars. Sam Moon has a no beverage policy so we return to the car, and i place mine in the console. we shop and shop and shop.

so we are done there and deep in conversation. we're walking back to the car. i hear Tangerine Dream say, 'that's not it.' it doesn't really fit into our deep conversation, but i don't say anything. i go get into the car with all my purchases. i reach over to grab my Rockstar from the console, and it's not there. instead, there's a lotion there. i look around, and everything's different. now i get it. 'that's not it' meant 'that's not my car.' i'm in the wrong fucking car! it wasn't locked so i hopped right on in and made myself comfortable. meanwhile, T.D. had just mosied on to the right car and was patiently waiting for me to figure it all out...

i jump out and run to our car which was two spaces down. i'm laughing so hard i'm crying. i'm just glad that no one had been sitting in that driver's seat because that would have been awkward. who doesn't lock their car? i mean, i should have been able to just pull on the handle, and when it didn't open, i would have realized it wasn't our car.

in my defense, it was a white SUV. that's where the similarities stopped. surprisingly, we weren't drinking anything stronger than a Rockstar at the time.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

busy, busy, busy

okay so i've been out of town. my peep threw a surprise party for his wife so we all snuck into town and got shit faced drunk. yay! hopefully, i can post pics here soon of that event.

speaking of busy, i added some widgets over there to your left. one is a MySpace widget. MS is so gay. i almost deleted my profile. i don't even know why i bother.

the other widget is for Twitter. i've had a Twitter account for quite some time, but i've never used it before. i'm scoping it out. if i don't like it, i will delete it too.

however, if all the crap is making my blog too busy or making it load too slowly or just bugging the shit out of you, let me know. not that i take anyone's opinions into consideration but still.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

desk mate

i got a new work friend. his name is Gus. he joins Robert Plant, the ivy, and Monica Gellar-Bing, the mini frog. here are pictures. he's really tiny, and the directions say he needs lots of bright light. so my work desk my not be the best place for him as we usually are all too hungover or sleepy to work with a light on. but my house isn't any brighter. with the price of electricity these days, i spend my time with all the lights off for the most part. people probably think i'm a vampire or something. my pasty white skin doesn't help the image either. i'm not sure if i'm going to do the whole spray tan that i did last year or just live with myself pathetically pale. i'd do a poll and let you guys decide, but it's late. i have a lot to do tomorrow starting with a three mile run. the directions also say he's supposed to eat, but it doesn't state what. co-workers? exes? Krispy Kreme donuts? you're guess is as good as mine. i hope i figure it out before feeding time.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

a picture is worth a thousand words

and here are several pics. (since they're worth so much, they make up for the lack of posting here recently. i will post soon about why i've been MIA.)

this first pic is obviously some flowers someone bought me. i was going to say that they are the prettiest flowers i've ever received, but that's not true. i just think that about flowers each time i get them. the pic does not do them justice. they were stunning.

here is a close up.

and here is a Simon donut! he was sleeping and snoring away when i snapped this one.

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