Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i spackled my crack.

let's see. where do i begin?

- i was super excited about the Heroes premier, and it was pretty darn good, if i say so myself. today is the Criminal Minds premier, and i can't wait!

- i have a nerve issue in my wrists. i see a specialist next month. will keep you guys posted, but it's probably carpal tunnel syndrome or something similar. it's been a problem for a few years, but all the recent painting has reduced my hands to useless claws.

- what painting, you ask? let me tell you. i am helping to renovate a house. it's a lot of hard work, and i'm not used to manual labor! but really it's kind of fun. i enjoy doing it. but it's hurting my hands. other than that, it's not a problem. (that's what doctor's and prescription medications are for...) i plan on doing some drywall later this week. who knew i was so handy?! i will definitely have before and after pics here soon.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


so after the 11th, my birthday just got better and better. the maternal unit made me tacos on Friday which were fab. and then a handful of us went and got drunk. on Sat, a good friend of mine had made secret plans for me. i assumed it was dinner and then a movie or bar or something after. well i was right. but here's what i didn't know... i walked into one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, and the hostess pointed to a corner. to my surprise, Tangerine Dream and his GF, Teeny, were there. i was ready to go get my grub on, but my peeps told the hostess we were still waiting for people. well shoot! who else was invited? my sister showed up next with little Cornelius. but we weren't done yet. friends started showing up. yowza! i wasn't expecting all that. kinda wished i had bathed first. JK i always bathe.

after we ate, we went to a bar where giant insects attacked us on the patio. so we migrated to a club where we drank all night for free. can't beat that. so it was a fantastic time. thanks to all the planning and stuff. my friends rock!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

my birthday

was fabulous! last night at midnight, i started getting birthday wishes, and they kept a comin' all night and morning and throughout the day. for some reason, no matter how mean i am, people love me.

so i arrived at work to find a box of chocolate turtles and a nice birthday card. then we had a fabulous breakfast BBQ. later, i learned there was a surprise fajita and sammich pot luck in my honor complete with a chocolate cake. everyone sang. aw! after work, i digested some and then the paternal unit took me out to eat.

there were no more plans after that as it has been pouring rain all day long. Lubbsuck is normally a dust bowl. we're not equipped for this much rain. everything is crazy flooded. i figured it best to stay home tonight. the street in front of my house is now a river. and my ceiling has water damage. there is a bulbous growth protruding near my fan. nice.

overall, my birthday was perfect. it could have been a tad less rainy, but otherwise it was just as i had wanted. (if i had known my birthday wish for rain would be so abundantly granted, i would have asked for cash...)

thanks to everyone who made it such a great day!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

how old am i?!

i love posters. i have a gazillion band, art, sci fi, etc. but i can always use more. so i have six in my shopping cart right now, and i can't decide if i should spend my life savings and get them all or just a couple. so here they are. maybe you a-holes can give me some insight.

i have wanted this one for years. The Godfather is my fave movie, and i don't own a single poster to prove it. it's a reg size.

this next one is one that i'm eyeballing for work. it cracks me up, and Futurama is one of my fave TV shows.

next is a black light poster because i'm pretty sure i'm twelve. it will match the current black light NIN and kissing posters that i currently own.

this next one i am getting fo sho. it's a Dark Knight poster, and it's my new obsession.

this one is a giant poster because, trust me, bigger is better.

and finally, this one is also a giant one.

so what do you guys think? what should i do?!


so senility has officially kicked in. remember the recent post saying how rainy this week was and how i hoped for a soggy birthday? that just goes to prove the old adage that you should be careful what you wish for. it poured this morning. i didn't park in the garage. i left my sun roof open. you get the idea.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

we're all doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i'm all hyped about my birthday. i'm ready to bring tacos back and get kicked out of bars. but it may not happen at all. the world could be over as we know it. i've been following the creation of the new particle collider all year because i'm a weird science nerd who can't help but wish everything was all Star Trekkie in real life. turns out it may be more Flash Gordony. once we create the black hole, that is. ol' Stephen Hawking says the chances of that cataclysmic event happening are minuscule, but so are the particles we're colliding and those exist. so there. in your face, Hawking! we're all going to die!!! or end up hanging with these douche bags:

i think i'd welcome death first.

Monday, September 08, 2008

rain, pain, weight gain, and disdain

- i have been dieting and working out like a fiend. why? because my birthday week is chock full of food. the paternal unit is taking me out on Thursday to a buffet. and the maternal unit is making me tacos on Friday. i'm sure one or two people will make me dinner, and there are prob some more people who will take me out to dinner. don't even get me started on the birthday cake situation. i think people want me fat or in a food coma or both.

- i plan on getting shit faced on Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday to commemorate my rapid aging. if you plan to go out with me, be prepared. it's been a while since i've really cut loose.

- it's been raining all day. i'm only happy when it rains. i hope it keeps it up so i can have a soggy birthday.

- everyone knows i'm an NIN fan, but even so it's been years since i've listened to The Downward Spiral CD. today i popped it in on the way to work, and i was pleasantly surprised by how it fit my recent angry mood. i guess i forgot how hateful an album it was.

- any avid readers out there? (i mean aside from this crap blog you're reading now.) i'm looking for some cool sea or ocean quotations. they don't have to be about the sea per se, but i would like them to have some type of sea imagery or something.

- my supervisor sent out an email asking if anyone who was attending school this semester could email him his/her school schedule. i replied asking if the school of hard knocks counted. seems it doesn't.

- i belong to a literature forum online, and someone had started a "Your Top 10 Classics Thread." i didn't put ten, but i did put a few as listed here:

"Death of a Salesman"
"Cyrano de Bergerac"
Paradise Lost
The Stranger
Midnight's Children

i didn't realize until someone commented that these are all depressing tragedies. my life sucks.
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