Tuesday, January 27, 2009

being a reptile is a handicap.

yesterday and today have been icy, frigid nightmare days here in L-town. i left for lunch just now, and since a lot of people in my office take noon lunches, tons of people were trudging through the sleet and snow to their cars way down at the end of the parking lot. not me! i had sense enough to park in the handicapped spot right by the door. i'm no fool. i'm sure my spot will be reserved when i get back, too. i hope those non-thinkers are enjoying their frost bitten appendages.

Monday, January 26, 2009

conversation of the day

this took place via text with a friend of mine.

me: i want cowboy boots.

peep: LOL

me: what?

peep: nothing. go for it.

me: i have wanted to embrace my inner cowgirl for years but have put it off. no more.

peep: yeehaw.

me: yeah!

(long time passes while i browse online.)

me: man, boots are expensive.

peep: you are kidding, right?

me: about?

peep: the boots.

me: no! i want to boot scoot.

peep: i see.

i had to assure him that my boots would match my NIN tees before he seemed to get on board. so i'm tracking some cool, scruffy ones on ebay. yeehaw!

Friday, January 23, 2009


-this week has been exceptionally good even though i have been on this low carb thing. i normally do my chores on Saturdays, but i have been doing a little each night so this Saturday i can laze about or hang out in coffee shops or whatever.

-i'm still on this devil diet. he is probably prancing about and waving his pitchfork around while us humans suffer without sugar. i had headaches the first two days, but i'm feeling better now. aside from the really strong late night cravings, i am learning to cope. luckily, i never drink sugary drinks or soda. and i only drink sugar-free Rockstars. that fact alone has prob been my saving grace. we did, however, have birthday cake and Krispy Kremes in the office this week. i was tempted to stick my face in the frosting of the cake, but i controlled my impulses and did not eat any! i cannot believe i have that much will power. also, i can't have alcohol for two weeks. oh, the agony! and afterwards i can't have any thing carby (yes, i just made up a word) like beer so straight vodka it is!

-for my MySpace mood today, i put "blessed." i then changed the little icon to a devil. i figured that would keep my peeps scratching their heads in confusion.

-i have one Valentime's date lined up so far. i'm so excited! it used to be my favorite holiday until i couldn't really celebrate it. but now that i can celebrate, i'm really looking forward to it. i am sticking to the low carb thing so everyone knows that i'm not eating sugar or starchy foods. but anything else is fair game. i have really high expectations, too, so i hope no one lets me down.

-i know i've mentioned on here that my insomnia is cured, but i just don't think you a-holes that sleep well know what a blessing it is. this morning i woke up at 6AM thinking i had overslept because i felt like i had slept for fifty hours. i had gone to bed at 1AM. i slept like the dead. i have so much energy and am in such a better mood in the mornings now. (i won't go so far as to say i'm chipper in the mornings because i'm not a morning person, but you can probably say hi to me without me flipping you the bird.)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!!!

the big day is finally here. i'm lucky enough to be able to watch TV at work so i will be glued to my set. i, like the rest of the world, have high hopes for President Obama. i also realize that life isn't perfect and things will arise that force him to change his course over the next four years, but i support and respect his Presidency. everyone go out and get your free patriotic Krispy Kreme donut. i won't as i'm on this stupid low carb thing and thus hating life. but the rest of you eat one for me. catch you on the flip side.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

better than nothing

i don't feel like posting so here's a little vid of some of us getting tanked before the office Christmas party. it's kind of dark, and we all look like a bunch of smoking, alcoholic losers, but it's something to keep you entertained. you can see me for a split second at the beginning of the vid.

Friday, January 16, 2009

well crap.

on one of my recent posts, i bitched about wanting to go out of town. well i got my wish...in a weird monkey's paw kind of way. my grandmother passed away. so i went to Dallas to be with family. i had a lot of fun considering the circumstances of the trip. on the way back, we had a blow out. good times!

maybe i'll get those resolutions posted by June. i'm working on projects around the house, and so i've been a little preoccupied. but i will get back into posting groove soon, i hope.

Monday, January 12, 2009

conversation of the day

this one took place via IM at work with my peep.

co-worker: omg, Chris. just called this customer and I swear there was the creepiest music playing in the background.

me: like? ABBA?

cw: like ghost moaning.

me: oh.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

i'm here!!!

well, again, it's been a while since i've posted so this one will be a mash up of info that has been haphazardly thrown together just to let you guys know that i haven't died or anything.

- Wed. are usually my grocery shopping days. however, my entire grocery list this week consists of "booze." so that should be pretty easy.

- i know i haven't posted my New Year's resolutions yet. i should prob add "stop procrastination" to them, but i won't. i know my limitations.

- i hate coming back to work from the holidays because everyone asks, 'how were your holidays?' it's not that i had a bad time or anything, but i hate small talk. i'm sure they don't really care if it was good or bad or spent lying in a gutter in Vegas. so i purposely sigh really loudly before answering. the sigh has two purposes. one, it lets people know i'm bored with the conversation. and two, if it's a nice long drawn out sigh, i am well down the hall before i am obligated to return the favor and ask about their holiday thus saving me from having to hear their response.

- my new Blu-ray player is awesome! i don't turn on my sub anymore ever since my neighbor complained about the vibrations. but she still came and complained during The Dark Knight screening that i had! and there was no sub on. the sound quality is so good that the house was rockin', and she came a knockin'.

- i have been writing strongly worded letters to plenty of businesses lately. i'm a fan of the strongly worded letter to emphasize good or bad service, products, etc. i've received plenty of responses and even some freebies. really that's not why i do it, though. i do it because people should know if their businesses suck or are excellent or whatever the case may be.

- i've been feeling super restless lately. i almost went out of town for New Year's, but then i decided to take it easy and stay home. boy, was that a mistake. i need to go visit people or something. and soon. anyone out there needing a dose of Christine for the weekend? (don't everybody pipe up at once...)
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