Tuesday, April 28, 2009


yes, i'm alive. been busy with Script Frenzy and work. speaking of my script, i am so far behind. of course what else would you expect from a perpetual procrastinator like myself?

work is a mess. when people decide things need changing, it's always an arduous process. and making the sheep follow in line is a monumental task. i've resorted to shocking the sheep with cattle prods, so to speak.

i finished the MOD walk and was the first one from my company to cross the finish line. of course, i had to push and shove a couple of people, but that's not really the point. the point is that i win.

i've decided to have yet another garage sale to get rid of even more stuff. soon i'll be living in a mausoleum. eh. less to dust.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i love babies.

this is the last reminder if you want to contribute any $$$ to help babies. if your company has a matching gift program or if you want to donate via check or cash, you can swing by my office or email me to arrange for me to pick up. here is the widget again if you wish to contribute via credit or debit card.

and i just want to say thanks. i love babies and think that preemies should be given the care they need to start out their lives in the best possible way. the walk is this weekend if anyone cares to join me.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

the weekend's over already?

-i got quite a bit of work done on my script yesterday. i'm still way behind. i also located that miscreant camera. (it was hiding in my laptop bag from when i went out of town.)

-i am craving a big ol' order of chili cheese tots. that can't be good.

-since i said i'd post more pics, here's Cornelius. he is wearing a makeshift poncho after getting caught in the thunderstorm on Thursday. everyone says he has my giant lips. he is just too cute in this pic!

Friday, April 17, 2009

April showers....

-it's been hailing and raining and otherwise wreaking havoc all over this p.o.s. town. i love the rain. the hail not so much. i got stranded at Jason's Deli yesterday while hail the size of fists pummelled my poor Honda outside. he has a thick skin, though. he can take it. and luckily, i was stuck with a peep and tons of sammiches. it could have been worse. i could have been stuck at work or at the doctor's office.

-speaking of the doc office, i had an appt with mine yesterday. he's so awesome. he's constantly wanting to set me up on dates with his other patients. i should let him. he knows their medical history, and i'm sure he would pick a good one. and i was so nervous before hand because i knew they were going to draw blood. but, i kid you not, this RN made the last one look like a butcher! this one did it on the first try and with no real pain. i was so relieved. it wasn't a spectacle of drama like last time.

-i updated my concert countdown. i'm getting super hyped about the show.

-i bought the cutest vanity. it's a nice, old piece of art deco furniture. i am going to try to refurbish it this weekend, weather permitting. if i can find that wandering camera, i will post pics.

-i have the strangest neighbors. for one, they don't have curtains. wtf?! why do i attract weirdos? two, the dude was outside yesterday night as it was raining/hailing and singing loudly. i think it was a country song, but it was hard to tell over my TV and the weather.

-i'm working on my script diligently. okay, not diligently. but i am working on it. i have a hot, coffee date tomorrow where i will either be working on it or working on this blog. i need to update it really badly.

Friday, April 10, 2009

random crap

- don't forget that the March for Babies is right around the corner. several of you have already donated or promised to donate. any little bit helps. and thanks to everyone who contributes. it really does mean a lot to me. here's the widget again if you'd like to use it.

-i accidentally sent a mass email out to my company that was meant for my sister. luckily, it was a very nice email and was mostly recalled. normally, emails to my sister are filled with profanity, name calling, and bitter comments. that was a close call!

-i haven't been able to go running because ol' Lubbsuck has been experiencing 50 mile per hour winds for the past six years. if i'm not in condition to run the March for Babies, then i will take a peep with me and enjoy a nice stroll. unless it's windy that day, too. then i will those around me will be experiencing a lot of profanity.

-i am still on this devil diet. after the initial sugar withdrawals, it's actually a good way to eat. i do miss beer and cereal a lot, though.

-my peep at work just told me to turn my TV to a particular music channel. he said, 'i just recently saw this band. they are hardcore.' so i flipped it over, and it was Anthrax. i was perplexed. turns out he was not watching it live, and he was talking about an entirely different band.

-i know i said i was going to post more pics, but i can't seem to find my digicam. i always have it in my purse or near me, but it grew legs and walked away. until it decides that my house is a better place than the cruel world and returns home, i won't be posting pics.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

so you guys know i love covers. i ran across this nice, odd gem today. it's a cover of Britney Spears' Womanizer. notice the weird creature humping the mike. and the one in the back scratching itself. and what's with the floating Obama heads? hmmm.

here it is if you've ever wondered what it sounds like as a folk song. i don't really care for it myself.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

my day

well i generally work banker's hours, but i occasionally go in later. today, i was going to go in at 11 so i planned to run before work. that was until i couldn't drag my lazy ass out of bed in a timely manner. good thing, too! the park where i normally go was the scene of an odd mishap. i could have been worm food!

so after i averted death, i remembered that i had a doc appt today. so i went to work early rather than use up any personal time. my doctor let me listen to myself with the stethoscope, too. that's a first. she wanted me to hear my breathing. it was raspy and wheezy as usual. so now i'm on more meds.

at work, i had two different people bring me Sonic teas! man, i'm so loved by everyone. although one or both may have been poisoned.

it's barely five, and i've run out of stuff to do at work. tonight is going to suck big donkey balls. i would work on my script for Script Frenzy, but i still have no clue what i'm going to write about. i'm the poster child for procrastination.

NIN put out a new album. you can check it out here. i don't think it's worth the twenty bucks what with no Miley or Lohan in it.

what a useless post for such a useless day.
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