Tuesday, February 24, 2009

conversation of the day

this happened via text when i randomly sent a thought to Gold Digger.

me: i'd kill myself if my last name was Chestnut!

GD: that's funny. you'd kill yourself. we're so dramatic.

me: well it's ugly! anything with nuts is ugly.

GD: i agree. then you throw a chest into it, and it just gets worse.

Friday, February 20, 2009

aw, man!

Dr. Carter's fine ass is back on ER, and i totally forgot to watch it last night! he should be back until the end of the series so if i can shake early onset senility for a min or two, i will set my DVR to record the last few episodes. his leaving was the only reason i stopped watching it. well that and Rocket Romano's crappy demise.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th....spooky!

okay not really, but i needed a title. i'm trying to post every day, but i don't have much to say today. so instead i leave you with some tunes. first is another cover by a new favorite artist of mine, Ray LaMontagne. he is covering a Bee Gees song, "To Love Somebody." and after that is yet another cover of a Gnarls Barkley song, "Crazy." and finally, one of his own works entitled "I Still Care for You." everyone listen and enjoy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

crotch-less christine

so i wore some pants yesterday with a giant hole in the crotch. i was aware they were hole-y...this time. the last time i wore them, i was not aware of this air conditioning feature.

i found these pants in a storage box. (as i have been getting rid of things and cleaning stuff out.) they used to be my favorite pants back in the day. i had forgotten why i had stopped wearing them. i probably stored them to use them as laundry day pants or something. anyway, i decided to wear my old fave pants to a kids' birthday party. we went on hay rides and climbed hills. we pet crazy animals and swung on tire swings. the entire time i was flashing those poor tots and all of their parents, too. i didn't realize, until i got home, that i was missing a vital part of the pant structure- the crotch. let's see if i'm invited to future events.

but yesterday i had forgotten to do laundry. so i thought i'd just wear what i had. i sit at a desk all day so it's not like anyone would notice. maybe i'll sew a giant neon pink patch on there and just start wearing them every day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

conversation of the day

peep: every time the wind blows, it messes up my hair.

me: i think you need to shellac it with some hair gel.

peep: oh

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

bunch of rambling

-"Tales from the Darkside" season 1 was released on DVD this week. i remember as a kid this show really spooked the crap out of me. i've since watched it on Sci Fi, and it's really cheesy. i still love the overly dramatic opening though. "Man lives in the sunlit world of what he believes to be reality. But... there is, unseen by most, an underworld, a place that is just as real, but not as brightly lit... a Darkside."

-i have an appt on Thursday with my neuro specialist. i hope i don't make a buffoon of myself again. i'm always acting spastic and weird when he walks into the room. i think that last time i was making the little mini-skeleton dance.

-i wonder if my insomnia has been cured a little too well. yesterday i skipped the gym and went home and went mimis. i woke up around 10:30, cooked some chicken and ate it, and then went back mimis until this morning. that's a little excessive. but, man! do i feel great today.

-i will be out of town next month and visiting a Dobie rescue shelter. i may just come home with a new critter. we'll see though. i'm not sure that i'm ready just yet. then again i'm going out of town to party so i may be too drunk/hungover to visit the shelter in the first place.

-i'm going to the local library book sale this weekend. as always, i have a list of books that i will be trying to find. does anyone have any suggestions for me to add?

-someone has been calling residents in this shit town and saying they are from the health department and informing them that they are HIV positive. people have way too much time on their hands. i can think of about 2.5 billion things i'd rather be doing than calling strangers for any reason much less to try to scare them about their health.

-i love me some cover songs. Seether re-did Careless Whisper. everyone take a listen.

Monday, February 09, 2009

christine the cook

i've learned something this past year, and that's that i am a damn fine cook. i'd always hated cooking in the past. i still don't always like to do it. but, for some reason, i have been cooking a lot more, and i'm really good. i think part of it is that i'm creative so i can fly really loose with the ingredients. anyway, my only problem is that i need new knives. i was trying to cut some jicama yesterday, and i might as well have been using a two by four to slice it. so that's on my next round of major purchases for the house. to go with my new picture taking self, i think i will start posting pics of what i cook to make you guys salivate.

of course, no carbs will be in what i cook (limited carbs to be exact) since i'm still on this devil diet. oddly, all weekend i dreamed that i was eating sweets. hot chocolate in one dream. my mom baked about fifty cakes in another. i'm pretty sure some candy was involved. very Freudian. but i have not caved!

the lawn service offered to come spray my weeds this coming weekend. i think i will make him some lunch. after all, it's better to cook for someone you love than just for yourself. i would like to make something sweet for him, too, since Dad loves the sugar like me. but i'd better not tempt myself.

*on an off note, my peeps and i are trying to plan our vacay for this summer. there's the staple Vegas. someone mentioned a cruise. but i kind of want to do something different. any suggestions? hopefully nothing too pricey as i'm (hopefully) buying a house later this year.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

seeing is believing

i forgot to post that another one of my resolutions is to take (and post) more pics. so without further adieu, here you go.

so i've got hidden talents. things such as the ability to cross one eye. or the ability to eat a Twix without chewing it. but here's one that is actually useful. i can knit. yes, that's right, i'm a knitter. i worked hard on a lucky scarf for a good friend of mine. and i only knit scarves for special people because i normally have the attention span of a fruit fly. anyway, here was the work in progress. i thought i took pics of the scarf completed, but i must have deleted them or something as i can't find them.

and i've already received a Valentime's gift! someone knows me well...

And finally, here are pic of the boots that i bought. will be great when i'm too hungover to lace up.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

the new year begins in February.

so here are my New Year's resolutions that i've been meaning to post for the past year and a half. i've actually been doing them so it's not like i'm just starting them. i'm just now sharing them though.

-more writing and less thinking about writing. in fact, starting this weekend, i'm penciling it into my schedule.

-on the same note, i am writing more regularly to my peep in the clink. i enjoy writing, and i'm sure he enjoys reading what i write. and even if he doesn't, it's either that or count the cracks on the ceiling so i'm sure he'd rather read my letters.

-i have made a commitment to volunteer. that's right, i will be molding minds and tutoring. scary, huh? actually, i will be working with adults who can't read or can't read well and tutoring them. i figure if they're willing to learn then i should be willing to teach.

-well i've already mentioned this stupid diet. (and, yes, that's how i refer to it whenever i go out in public. if i have to ask the barista at Starbucks what i can drink, i say, 'i'm on this stupid diet, see?' or when i go to a restaurant, same thing.) anyway, i'm doing very well. i bet if i ever eat candy again, it will overwhelm my taste buds.

-i am still simplifying my life. that's something i started last year. i'm getting rid of everything. i'm giving most of it away. it's cluttery, and i don't care for it.

-and finally, and most importantly, i'm keeping my friends and family as my top priority. it's so easy in life to put work, life, guilty pleasures, poor choices, etc, ahead of what's most important. but no more. life is short. i am doing what i can in that short amount of time.
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