Wednesday, December 30, 2009

me being shitty

so there have been rude comments and texts directed at me for my lack of posts. well fuck off, people! some of us work at work and do other stuff at home. but i am planning on focusing more on my blog in the new year. i miss it. there was a time when i blogged once a day minimum, and i hope to get back to that. so here's a little bit of me being shitty today:

i was already in a borderline crusty mood. my simple eye exam took about sixteen hours and ate up half my day. but i didn't let that get to me. i was running some errands and stopped at the mall to buy some delicious hand soap from Bath&Bodyworks. i picked up a new scrubby, too, since i'm pretty sure mine is probably an eco-hazard if checked under a microscope.

i get in my car which is about fifteen miles away since everyone in Lubbsuck is shopping in our crappy mall, and i pull into a busy exit area. that's when i realize the flat tire. there are about fifty cars behind me that i have to wave around me. when the last one passes, i have to go in reverse so that i can pull over to a side area and figure out what to do.

that's when this douche yells at a stranger about how people need to learn how to drive. did he think that i was redirecting traffic, hobbling my poor Honda over to the edge of the parking lot, and otherwise wreaking havoc for fun?! the stranger he was talking to was not a complete dolt and pointed to my flat tire. so the a-hole felt like a real dipshit for displaying the idiocy that his parents passed onto him.

something set me off. i leaned out my window and in a voice louder than Zeus' said, "FUCK YOU!!!" well hearing someone yell such profanity at the top of her lungs in the middle of the Bible belt probably threw him for a loop. he looked like he was about to cry. i would have flipped him the bird, too, but i was busy trying to maneuver my poor Honda around a giant mountain of snow at the same time and thus using both hands.

and so later this week, i get to spend a day getting my tire fixed and my alignment fixed since i'm practically driving sideways at this point. hope your days were better.
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