Friday, September 18, 2009

it's come to this?

-i really shouldn't have to tell my sister to 'try to look like a woman.' however, after last year's fiasco concerning her work place physical mistaking her for a man, i thought i'd at least suggest it. unfortunately, she wasn't allowed to have coffee or food until after the damn thing was over so i'm pretty sure she'll be confused for a man yet again.

-i had a rockin' birthday weekend. i had so many people buying me dinner and drinks and just taking me out for a good time, that i feel really spoiled and blessed at the same time. at work, i had lots of people singing and giving me presents. one guy even did a sexy dance for me in my Dilbert cube since he arrived empty handed. and i still have some more things planned for this weekend. my hermity self is being over stimulated.

-i currently have the worst headache known to man. well maybe not the worst. Phineas Gage probably had more reason to complain. but anyway it kind of feels like someone is hammering some dull, rusty nails into my cranium. who would do such a thing?

-i'm way too excited about the Criminal Minds premier this coming Wed. to be honest, the writing has gone down hill compared to the first few seasons. (i've been watching a lot of the old shows on A&E.) but i need to see what's going on with Hotch. the suspense is killing me. and maybe him, too!

-speaking of incessant TV watching, is anyone else into Hoarders? it's fascinating and horrific at the same time. i love watching TV shows and movies about broken people. which brings me to the Biggest Loser. i really feel sorry for that 470 pound woman. i gained a couple of pounds, and of course all my weight goes to my boobs so they went up another cup size. and i thought that was uncomfortable! can you imagine being 470 pounds? if it was me, i'd kill myself if i thought i could find my own veins amidst all the extra weight.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

ramblings of a crazy woman

-i was eating my Lean Cuisine rice pilaf when something rather pungent yet recognizable landed on my palette. it took a while for me to recognize it. it tasted like a Marigold! why are they putting weeds into my food?!

-yest a friend of mine walked into my Dilbert cube. i didn't notice him, and i was just picking my nose like there's no tomorrow. it wasn't like i was up to my wrist or anything. i get scabby around my nostrils when my allergies are bad which is the last few days. and being the weird, compulsive person that i am, i pick at them. of course, this process results in just bleeding and more scabs. aren't you glad you read my blog?

-my birthday is tomorrow! and some of us are going out Sat night to celebrate. shoot me a message or a text if you want to know when and where.

-i forgot to eat the other day and went and did spin. i almost keeled over to my grisly death. i guess my blood sugar dropped suddenly. i was seeing stars (and not the hot Matt Damon celebrity type stars...) anyway, i made sure to eat my Marigold laced pilaf today so that won't happen again.

Friday, September 04, 2009

proof i need to go home

i'm at work with a searing headache. it feels like someone is stabbing me repeatedly in the left temple with what could only be an ice pick dipped in alcohol. but besides that little conundrum, i was having an IM convo with a work peep. here's what he said:

"brb. need go go juice. actually that's gas, and i don't need that but coffee."

but I read that as:

"brb. need to get juice. actually that gives me gas so just coffee."

i had to read it three times before i realized he wasn't giving me the TMI treatment.

also, someone sent me this pic. (who else but Tangerine Dream...) what the hell pooped this giant turd? and why does he feel compelled to share this disgusting crap (pun intended) with me?

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