Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i miss his furry face.

Most of you know that i had to put my Simon to sleep late Sunday night. i knew he had been sick, but i didn't think he would get that sick so fast. when Macaroni got sick, she showed symptoms for a long time that got progressively worse. so i thought i had more time with my Simon. i would never in a million years have thought that this weekend i would have to say good bye.

i knew he was bad late Sunday afternoon. i tried to make him comfortable. i really thought that he would still make it longer than he did, but by the evening, he was having seizures. and they were getting worse. when he started screaming, i had a friend arrange to take us to the emergency vet.

i cried the whole way there, but i didn't want him to suffer so i knew i was doing the right thing. it was one of the hardest things i've ever had to do.

when Macaroni died, i still had Simon so i didn't have to see an empty cage. a half empty food bowl. a brand new bag of kibble and litter. i don't have the heart to get rid of these things yet, but seeing them makes me very sad.

when i leave my house, it's habit to say good bye. in the mornings, i would feed and water my Simon, and now i have nothing to do. when i got some clothes out of the dryer yesterday, i instinctively turned around to see if the noise had woken him up only to remember that he was gone. there's a real emptiness in my heart and in my life. it's so surreal to think that i'm not a weasel mommy anymore.

i will post a 'remembering Simon' post later this week like i did for my Macaroni. he was so unique and intelligent that it would take me by surprise time and time again.

i can't picture my life without him. there were times when i felt like i had no one, but i always had him.

it's weird how attached we get to our furry babies. i miss Simon's little weasel face so much. i'm heartbroken.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

shirking real duties by blogging

-i know i've been MIA lately. work is being a little bitch. and i've been exercising a lot and watching a lot of TV. (you know...important stuff.) i've also been dipping my toe into the dating scene. i'll need to dedicate an entire post to that new endeavor.

-my eyelid has been twitching for the past week or so. it's driving me nuts. it started as a just a cute little unnoticeable spasm, and it's pretty much turned into a violent seizure that encompasses my entire body. (you can picture Elaine Benes' dancing if you need a visual aid.) does anyone have a home remedy or something that i can try? i'm desperate.

-i'm going to cut all my hair off. i need something new. i like this cute choppy look that i'm sporting now, but i need to do something a little more drastic. my mundane life is asking for some change.

-i got this awesome new app for my Pre-tty that logs location and has a real time compass. so now, rather than looking to see where i'm driving, i look down at my Pre-tty instead. it's like having Bat-vision. plus i can text, too! and now that this p.o.s. town is finally selling alcohol, i'll keep an open can o' beer on the dashboard since i'm not looking out the windshield anymore anyway.

-any suggestions for a Halloween costume? i'm leaning toward being a vampire. i want to be something that will let me do my make-ups a combination of pretty and wild.

-i'm often referred to as Dr. Christine or counselor because i'm a good listener/advice giver and because of my Pysch degree. someone at work told me that i reminded him of the therapist on Two and a Half Men. i take it as a compliment! i love that bitter, blunt bitch. she's one of my fave characters.
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